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Over the years your swimming pool stairs may have discoloured, been damaged by ice, or your stairs may have a cracked tread. You no longer need to keep the water level below a leak, or stare at a set of stairs that don't look as new as your recently installed liner replacement.

Let the "Pool Step Specialists" allow you to enjoy the whole backyard swimming pool experience.

Pool Step Repair and Refurbishing is Our Specialty!

While utilizing the most up to date and technologically advanced materials, your acrylic and fiberglass pool stairs can be repaired and refinished to a like "new" appearance.

There is no need to tear out the old stairs, with the large associated expense, to replace with new pool stairs. The Pool Step Specialists can now assist you, and save you money - lots of it!!!

Our repair technicians are looking to assist you in making your backyard investment the treasure you should enjoy. Your steps will look and feel like "new" again.

If you are having a vinyl liner replaced, you will be much more satisfied with the renewed look of your swimming pool with perfect pool steps to accentuate the new liner.

Our service department has pool stair repair and re coat kits available. The Pool Step Specialists Repair kits have been designed for: re coating, refinishing, crack repair, pool tread crack repair, tread support, ice damage repairs, and colour change.

Our product department you will find all the materials and informative resources necessary to assist you with performing your own refinishing. By following our step by step tutorials available on DVD, and using our repair kits, you can refinish or repair those worn, or damaged pool steps, to revitalize the look to perfect pool steps. With just a little patience, and our experienced repair staff assisting you.

In no time, you will be admiring the renewed brightness and allure of the pool step.

The Pool Step Specialists have over 21 years of repair and refinishing experience.
We are constantly in discussion and researching with the leading fiberglass/acrylic stair manufacturers. Allowing us to develop better repair and refinishing techniques. We have also assisted the manufacturers with improving their manufacturing processes.

The Pool Step Specialists have been doing warranty work for a number of acrylic and fiberglass pool step manufacturers since our inception.